Patchwork Cottons

The patchwork cottons are grouped by their colour and priced per fat quarter – Green: Red:  Cream/gold:  Cream/gold/multi: Silver:  Blue and Other.  

We also have a variety of packs in different sizes designed for making Suffolk puffs, ring of hearts, pocket bunting, leaves, and designs from The Christmas Collection. Find them under Accessories – Fabric packs.                                                                                       

 What is a fat quarter?  There are two ways of cutting up a metre piece of fabric.  A long quarter is where 25cm is cut across the full width of the fabric ( usually 110cm).  A fat quarter gives greater scope when designing and is cut 50cm by half the width – 55cm.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                           The price shown is for one fat quarter.  If you want one metre then enter 4 as the quantity.  If it says ‘available by the metre‘ then this will be sent as one piece.  If it says ‘fat quarters only‘ it will be supplied as 4 fat quarters.