Wool throw – Heather Moorland


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Finished size 44 inches – 111cm.                                                                                                                                                     A vibrant mixture of soft greens and purples reminiscent of heather moorland.                                                                               The pack contains 36 x 8 inch squares of wool fabric (18 plaids and 18 plain), 36 x 4½ inch squares (again 18 plaids and 18 plain).  The 4½ inch squares are appliquéd onto the 8 inch squares.  The centre of the 8 inch square is then cut away from the back and appliquéd onto a 4½ inch square creating a  third square.  Instructions are included.

Backing is not included.  Sue chose to use boiled wool and has purple and green available.  Please contact her if you are interested.