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I have decided to create a gallery with ideas this year and plan to keep adding to it.
A homespun tree with baubles made from cotton fabrics and small Suffolk puffs threaded onto a ring. Inspired by my trip to Scandinavia in December, fir cones and Catherine wheels and trees have been made from silver/blue ribbons and baubles from sparkly fabrics. Made by bonding fabric to felt this little fabric basket is ideal for hanging on the tree, maybe filled with sweets.  Instruction sheet now available 1.50
Suffolk-puff-heart.jpg (170371 bytes)
Suffolk puffs (yo-yos) made from scaps of Liberty fabric on the large size yo-yo maker and sewn onto a heart shaped metal wreath bound with fabric. Here I have used three different sizes of yo-yo makers and a variety of beads and buttons.  The heart shaped wreath has been bound with strips of hessian.  Large size puffs have been sewn to a thin heart shaped metal hanger.  A smaller size is also available.
GalleryBallStand.jpg (203633 bytes)
A tablemat made from Suffolk puffs A pink/purple tree Again Suffolk puffs - different sizes making a tree


A good way of using small pieces of ribbon or strips of fabric.  A good decoration to make with children.  Wreaths 4.50    

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